designed by: Chen Kuan-Cheng 
The project was developed with the support of National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) by combining craftsmenship and computer parametric design to express the texture of nature on the furniture.

Design Process
The design of this chair is inspired by the feeling of sitting on the grass, the grass around with the wind fluttering, as if alive. and I want to interpret this vitality through the design.
Translating the concept into a design vocabulary, we decided to use "flip" as the main axis.
Through the flip, the bent wood is made to flow through gradual changes and generate vitality.
Finally, the 3D model was drawn by GH to simulate various gradient states and output the detailed design.
The production is a difficult process, because the size of the steam bent wood cannot be very precise, so we have to keep trying and trying.
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