designed by Chen Kuan-Cheng

Helix is a ceiling fan design unlike traditional ceiling fan, Helix blade is also a lamp shade, when turned off, light will blades and darted, became an additional special lighting in your House. In design i was inspired by tornadoes and wind ,fan blades is just like several stream mix together and use the shadow to show “flowing”

Helix 是一個不同於市面上吊扇的產品,Helix的扇葉同時也是燈罩,在不轉動的時候光影從扇葉之間透出,成為一件特別的燈具 並為您家添增不一樣的氛圍。在整體造型上把龍捲風、氣流的意象帶入產品之中,透過扇葉在不同的光影變化表現氣流和風等抽象概念。
engine's detial
"  Is it possible that fan's blade could also be part of the lighting? "
5:1 prototype by 3D-printer
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