designed by: Chen Kuan-Cheng 
The term "lattice" denotes the interweaving of lines, both horizontally and vertically, symbolizing the harmonious merger of Eastern and Western cultures. This concept is particularly exemplified through the use of Taiwan's top-quality bamboo, known for its exceptional toughness, integrated into woodcraft through the art of weaving bamboo and bending wood together.
This amalgamation not only embodies the fusion of Eastern and Western influences but also ensures the preservation of bamboo's flexibility and the sturdiness of wood. Remarkably, despite weighing just 4 kg, the chair can support a weight of over 120 kg.
The single-sided armrest design enhances user comfort and versatility, allowing for various seating positions. Furthermore, the malleability of bending wood permits the creation of double armchairs and a series of other furniture pieces, showcasing the adaptability and ingenuity of this design approach.


Material: Maple, bamboos, bent wood (Formosan Michelia, beech)
Finishing: Natural wood wax oil
Size: L54 x W60 x H 76 mm

Lattice Chair have been awarded the Platinum A' Design Award in Furniture Design Category 2021
combines bamboo craft into woodcraft via weaving bamboos and bent woods together
Single-sided armrest design allows users to sit in a variety of ways, more free and flexible
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