designed by: Chen Kuan-Cheng 
The concept comes from the Japanese "Taketori Monogatari". In the story, the old man saw the light in the bamboo. After cutting it, he found a princess in the bamboo, cutting the wood with a knife and bending it, making it visually as if the wood was stripped of the fun.
Material: Ash,Copper
Finishing: Natural wood wax oil
Size: L400 x W30 x H 350 mm
Sketches, tried a lot of interesting bends/cuttings
Many shapes were created during the experiment, and finally one of the directions was chosen for the lamp, which was cleverly concealed in the wood so that only when the lamp was turned on would the location of the light source be discovered.
2019 Taiwan-Japan Exchange "Daily Craft" Exhibition 
in Japan Osaka IRORIMURA [89] Gallery
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